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Oil change for 36hp-1600

Oil change Golf

figure compression ratios

RR engine (a/c)

R Dizzy drive

R clutch (a/c)

R Fuel pump 36hp -1600

R 17-2L muffler

R clutch cable(a/c)


Oil Change 36hp-1600

*applicable to Beetle, Kombi, Type 3 and Karmann Ghia.
1. If engine is cold, start up and idle for about 5 minutes
2. Park Car on level ground. Turn engine off.
3. Place drain pan under oil strainer cover, located in centre of engine,(see picture).

4. Using 10mm wrench ,remove all but one nut, pry cover down with screwdriver, and allow to drain
5. Remove the last nut and remove the oil strainer gaskets.
6. Clean the strainer and cover in solvent.
7. Install a new gasket on the cover studs. Position the strainer over the studs.







8. Install a second gasket and then the cover. Use new copper gaskets on the cover nuts.
Do not over tighten the cap nuts
You can install oversize step studs if you have stripped threads in case.
9. Locate the oil filler tube on top of the engine. Remove the cap.
10. Pour 2&1/2 Litres of 20/50 Oil into the filler tube. Wipe the filler cap clean and replace. Check the gasket
does not need replacing.
11. Check new oil level at dipstick. Pull out dipstick ,wipe clean.
12. Push dipstick all the way back in. Remove and check oil level. It should be between the marks. If not. add
just enough to bring the level to the top line.
13. Start engine and idle 3-5 minutes. The oil light on the instrument panel will glow when the engine is first
started. Light should go out in 30 seconds or so.
14. Stop engine and check strainer cover for leaks. Recheck oil level, which should now be at the top line.
15. Good idea to retention cap nuts after a run around the block. New gaskets tend to loosen up when oil and
heat mix.
Please dispose of your used oil properly