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Manufactured Products



Manufactured Products

For many years now we have been increasing the amount of parts we
manufacture, largely due to non availability, poor quality or customer
demand for more specialised parts. Quality has always been our first
consideration this includes remaining as close to original specifications
as possible and improving them in design and or materials

Gloveboxes and Wiring Covers
Heavy fibreglass construction, made to the original
specifications. Black in colour, paintable. Glove boxes
are available for Beetle’s 1953-59,1960-67,1968-70,1971-72,
Karmann Ghia, and Kombi’s 1968-79. If you need any other type
not mentioned please contact Volksbahn. Wiring Covers for
Beetle’s 1953-59,1960-67,&1968-71.

Caster Shims
Used on lowered link/king pin or ball joint front ends,
manufactured from aluminium to the correct specification.
Castor shims have been used by VW’s from the early 1950’s
for cars that wandered in the wind or did not have enough
castor from the factory. If you lower the front end or raise the
end you need the shims to set the castor back to original specs

Camber Adjusters
Manufactured from high grade steel in precision engineering
equipment, these allow you to set a larger amount of negative
0r positive camber than standard. Suitable for street or track.


Adaptor Plates
Many types of adaptor plates are available, these include,
Link/King pin disc conversions; Type 3 brake conversions &
Air Conditioning Brackets, etc. These are all manufactured
from the correct gauge and strength materials to last.

Brake Lines
Made from genuine Volkswagen seamless steel, for
all standard and modified applications. If using a dual
circuit master cylinder in a pre 1968 car you need
different length pipes.

Gearbox Sandwich Plates
This plate helps stop the wear in the intermediate
housing of the gearbox. These are now fitted to all
Volksbahn reconditioned gearboxes. Two types are available.
One fits 40hp-1600 Beetle’s, pre 1968 Kombi’s, T3’s & Karmann
Ghia’s, one fits 1968 on Kombi’s.

Due to the non availability of some badges or scripts we have
reproduced the following badges, type 3 , L , S , and the 1972 commemorative plaque.
These are made as close to original as possible and are all hand finished.

Due to the price increase in genuine paper gaskets and
the poor quality of after market ones, Volksbahn has started
to manufacture gaskets such as sump plate, carby base, barrel
and fuel pump.

We also manufacture many, many other parts for particular applications which are not
off the shelf type items, so if you require a part fabricated please enquire.